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Integrated Business Process Management, Sampling and Geostatistics

We Offer Services

Professionals in integrated systems, allowing for holistic business management processes.


Resources, reserves, and database

Learner management systems

Help employees to further their development

Geostatistics and statistics

2d,3d and 4d(Spatiotemporal) statistical consulting and software

Job satisfaction and employee engagement surveys

Improve overall employee satisfaction


Consulting and software for correct sampling practices and policies

People performance management systems

Improve on employee performance

Help & Support

Help and support regarding our systems

Business Intelligence Data Analytics

Data analysis to provide deeper insights into your company

Software Features

Free updates

Free updates of our software for the extent of license.

Multi-language support

Multiple languages can be supported.

Multiple operating systems

Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android.

Object, Element, Data

The system allows for capturing of multiple data type structures.

Statistical analysis

Statistics can be run on all types of data.

Lots of functionality

With the ability to setup multiple data structures comes the ability for multiple functionality.

Explore Our Products

We have a vast array of products, that can be selected and customised to suit any need.


2d, 3d and 4d Statistical analysis


Capture your sampling data and perform analysis on it


General statistical analysis

Financial Overview

Financial overview of projects and expenses

Collate data

Grouping multiple data together for analysis and reporting


Data management system

Human Resources

Manage your companies human resources

People performance management systems

Allows an employee to monitor their performance

Data aided design

3d graphical representation of data


Custom created Surveys for both clients and employees

Learner Management System

Help your employees get the training they need

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Ensure quality of data

Some Fun Facts

Our company is consistently growing and adapting to the market.

Percentage of companies using Learner Management Systems(LMS) in USA
Percentage of companies using Business Intelligence Data Analytics
Percentage of companies investing in big data
Percentage of companies interested in location(3d) based data analysis

Mission Statement

We believe in our people and our clients and in what they can achieve. Our mission is to empower each organisation and person to achieve more by providing the necessary information and software to fulfil their goals.

Our Core Values (TRUST)


Meet The Team

We have a growing team of highly specialised and experienced individuals.

Leon Tolmay

Leon Tolmay

Co-Founder, CEO and Geostatistician

With over 40 years in the mining industry Leon has a deep and critical understanding of all types of data.

Michael Tolmay

Michael Tolmay

Co-Founder, CTO, software and data specialist

With over 15 years in software development, implementation and data analysis, Michael is understanding of client requirements.

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We are consistently improving and reevaluating the market and industries.

Common Questions

Everything you need to know about us.

What is Geostatistics?

Geostatistics is a branch of statistics focusing on spatial or spatiotemporal datasets.

What is 4d or Spatiotemporal data?

This is information that has a time and a place associated with it.

What is a Learner management system?

This is a system that will aid employees in, on the job training.

What is people performance management systems?

This is a system that helps employees in managing their own development.

What is business intelligence data analytics?

This consists of data management, statical analysis and predictive analysis of data in and of a business.

What are our working hours?

We are a South African based company with work hours between 8:00AM and 5:00PM (UTC+2).